International Weather

Current conditions as of February 28, 2015, 1:00 pm
City Details Current Temperature
Aberdeen Weather 6
Adelaide Weather 34
Ahmadabad Weather Cloudy 19
Amsterdam Weather Clear 1
Amsterdam Schipho Weather Clear 0
Apia Weather Partly cloudy 32
Asuncion Weather
Athens Weather Rain 10
B.S.Begawan Weather Cloudy 27
Bahrain Weather Clear 16
Bangkok Weather Partly cloudy 27
Barcelona Weather 8
Beijing Weather Snow -2
Belfast Weather 6
Belgrade Weather Fog 6
Berlin-Lindenberg Weather Recent rain 2
Berlin-Tempelhof Weather 4
Bhubaneshwar Weather Clear 21
Bogota Weather Cloudy 20
Bombay Weather Clear 20
Bonn Weather Partly cloudy 0
Boston Weather -4
Brisbane Weather Partly cloudy 26
Brussels Weather Clear 0
Bucharest Weather Clear 7
Budapest Weather Rain 5
Buenos Aires Weather Clear 20
Cairns Weather Fine 29
Cairo Weather Clear 16
Calcutta Weather Cloudy 24
Canberra Weather 23
Cape Town Weather Clear 20
Cardiff Weather 8
Casablanca Weather Partly cloudy 13
Chicago Weather -12
Colombo Weather Clear 23
Copenhagan Weather Drizzle 3
Dallas Weather Snow -3
Darwin Weather Cloudy 27
Denver Weather -9
Dhaka Weather
Dubai Weather Clear 18
Dublin Weather Recent rain 8
Edinburgh-Eskdalemuir Weather Rain 5
Edinburgh-Gogarbank Weather Recent rain 7
Florence Weather Partly cloudy 3
Frankfurt Weather Clear 3
Geneva Weather 2
Genova/Sestri Weather Clear 10
Glasgow-Bishopton Weather 7
Goa Weather Clear 22
Hamburg Weather Partly cloudy 1
Hanoi Weather
Helsinki Weather Mist 0
Ho Chi Min City Weather
Hobart Weather Rain 17
Hong Kong Weather Cloudy 19
Honolulu Weather Rain 26
Houston Weather 7
Hyderabad Weather Clear 22
Islamabad Weather Fine 10
Istanbul Weather Cloudy 8
Jaipur Weather Clear 17
Jakarta Weather Cloudy 26
Jerusalem Weather Clear 15
Johannesburg Weather Overcast 15
Kaliningrad Weather Mist 2
Kampala Weather
Kansas Weather -8
Karachi Weather Rain 18
Khartoum Weather
Kingston Weather Clear 28
Kuala Lumpur Weather Lightning 25
Kupang Weather Thunderstorm 24
Kuwait Weather Clear 10
La Paz Weather Partly cloudy 7
Lanzarote Weather Cloudy 16
Lhasa Weather Clear -1
Lima Weather Partly cloudy 24
Lisbon Weather 10
Liverpool Weather 7
London Weather
London-LHR Weather Rain showers 6
Los Angeles Weather 16
Madras Weather Partly cloudy 25
Madrid Weather Partly cloudy 5
Manila Weather Partly cloudy 27
Marseille Weather 7
Melbourne Weather
Melbourne Airport Weather Overcast 24
Mexici City Central Weather Overcast 22
Miami Weather 21
Miami Palm Beach Weather Rain 21
Milan Weather Partly cloudy 6
Minsk Weather Rain 0
Montreal Weather Clear -12
Moscow Weather Snow 1
Munich-Stadt Weather Snow 1
Nadi Weather Cloudy 31
Nairobi Weather Clear 18
Naples Weather Partly cloudy 7
New Delhi Weather Mist 14
New Orleans Weather 9
New York JFK Weather -2
New York La Guardia Weather -2
Noumea Weather 28
Nuku'alofa Weather Partly cloudy 32
Osaka Weather Partly cloudy 5
Oslo Weather Fog -3
Ottawa Weather Clear -12
Paris Orly Weather Clear 0
Perth Airport Weather Clear 23
Perth Metro Weather 23
Prague Weather Mist 0
Pyongyang Weather Overcast -3
Rarotonga Weather Partly cloudy 30
Reykjavik Weather Fine -1
Riga Weather Mist 2
Riyadh Weather
Rome Weather Clear 5
San Francisco Weather 15
San Jose Weather Clear 30
Santiago Weather Partly cloudy 22
Sao Paulo Weather Lightning 24
Scott Base Weather Partly cloudy -5
Seattle Weather 9
Seoul Weather Overcast 1
Shanghai Weather Overcast 5
Singapore Weather Cloudy 26
Sofia Weather Cloudy 5
St Petersburg Weather Overcast 0
Stockholm Weather Mist 2
Sydney Weather Cloudy 27
Sydney City Weather 25
Taipei Weather Overcast 18
Tallinn Weather Cloudy 1
Tampere Weather Overcast 0
Tehran Weather Clear 5
The Hague Weather 3
Tokyo Weather Partly cloudy 7
Toronto Weather Clear -13
Toulouse Weather 4
Tunis Weather Partly cloudy 11
Vancouver Weather Partly cloudy 9
Venice Weather Clear 7
Vienna Weather 3
Vostok Weather Cloudy -55
Warsaw Weather Mist 5
Washington Weather Clear -1
Washington DC Weather -3
Zurich Weather 2

Weather History

A southerly storm was felt throughout the colony, but most severely in the "middle portions". The wind, followed by heavy rain, blighted the vegetation on the coast in a "very unusual manner". This storm made the rainfall for the month excessive, especially in the North Island and on the East Coast of the South Island.Feb 29 1840 - A tropical cyclone passed close to the Bay of Islands. "The storm's centre passed just to the southward of the Bay of Islands, at which place there was a calm of ten minutes, when the storm recommenced with equal violence from the opposite quarter; the trees that were prostrated at the Bay of Islands were found lying with their tops to the northward."

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Moon Phases

  • Full Moon 06 March 2015
  • Last Quarter 14 March 2015
  • New Moon 20 March 2015
  • First Quarter 27 March 2015


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