Satellite and Isobaric Maps

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NZ-Tasman Satellite Map

NZ-Tasman Isobaric (pressure) Map

Weather History

A severe westerly gale raged through the Woodville district,causing damage to power lines and many buildings, uprooting trees and causing widespread minor damage. "The wind was so severe at one period that cars had to drop to second gear to make headway against it."

Weather Video

Moon Phases

  • New Moon 01 October 2016
  • First Quarter 09 October 2016
  • Full Moon 16 October 2016
  • Last Quarter 23 October 2016


  • Opinions

    March 27, 8:07 am
    Longrange weather chat

    2015 continues the overall predicted outlook of being a drier-than-average year for most of NZ. Exceptions will be wetter Inland Otago and Southland,...